Where and when do you play badminton?

The KBA runs every Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8-10pm at Pacific Way Elementary School, in Kamloops.

What is the fee to play?

It costs $6 per person to play on a given day, and memberships are available for purchase at any time.

Do I have to bring my own racket/birds?

It is strongly encouraged that you bring your own racket, as they are not provided, although you can ask someone if they have a spare in emergency situations. Feather birds can be purchased at the club, otherwise, you can bring your own (feather or plastic).

What is the format of the club?

We generally run doubles matches on the courts, although if there are less people we have singles matches.

Do you accept all skill levels?

All skill levels are welcome to play, we have beginners, intermediate players and higher level players.